Teacher Profile

Prof. Md. Nurul Afsar

Welcome to Ananda Mohan College, Mymensingh. Topographically the college is located at the heart of Mymensingh city, not too far from old Brahmaputra river. It was established in 1908. The College has been imparting quality education with repute from Higher Secondary to Masters’ level since its inception. We are happy to inform our friends and well wishers at home and abroad that Ananda Mohan College is globally connected through website. The website has ushered a new era in the history of Ananda Mohan College. It paved the way for the modernization of the college. Unlike the earlier forms of instructional technology, the website is likely to play a significant role in promoting higher education. In a world growing smaller every day, the technological reformations are essential both for the spread of education and to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation. The world has formed a family whose members are now able to communicate to each other in a free and frank manner because of this technological bonanza. The website has made various types of services available to the students as well as to the public. Now one may click to know the brief history of the college, to collect admission form, notices, results, advertisement and even to know the profile of the teacher and other relevant information regarding institutional affairs.

Our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the champion of democracy is committed to build a digital Bangladesh. Our premier’s ‘Digital Bangladesh’ has a human connotation where man will not turn into a machine rather technological weapons such as Computers, Notepad, Laptop, Smartphone etc. are a means to an “end” and the “end” is a technologically rich Bangladesh, a poverty free Bangladesh, a Democratic Bangladesh where the public servant will render service effectively and at low cost to our millions. Such Bangladesh will be a real ‘Sonar Bangla’ that our Father of the Nation has dreamt.

I am pleased that the website has become the focal point of all academic activities of Ananda Mohan College. I take this opportunity to congratulate all who have contributed meaningfully for the establishment of this unique event in the history of this college.

Prof. Md. Nurul Afsar

Vice Principal

Ananda Mohan College

Mymensingh, Bangladesh